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Once Upon A Time

… I was younger.
All of a sudden, I am so very aware of my younger years.  I’m astounded that I just flowed through all those many years, NOT BECOMING OLDER. Not thinking about my later life AT ALL.

‘I have so much time in front of me. I’ll think about [fill in the blank] later. ‘  Until I reached mid-fifties.

I have the sense of wasted time, being unaware (oblivious?) to the passage of time.  A sense of urgency now?  YES.

A new chapter in life happened about 7 years ago.  Some of it was not welcome.  The financial part.  What a BITCH.  Had I known that I would need to start over, making my own way financially at 51, I would not have stayed home, raising my beautiful daughter.  What a thing to REGRET, right?!

Alas, it continues to be what it is.  It’s taken me YEARS to come about, to throw off the feeling of being on a ship without sails.  And it is absolutely a work in progress.  Two steps forward, one step back.

Now for the positive progress!

In addition to my full time job in healthcare, I have searched for additional ways to make extra money, to support my Suri alpaca passion, planning for travel, as well as have spending money to do things with friends.  Thanks to the many people who have supported me with thoughts, voices, ideas for extra money…  I am trying several things—seeing if they work for me.  Seeing if the ideas spark my interest!  It’s fun and good for rejuvenating my attitude.

So, it helps immensely with my sense of time flying, whether I’m having fun or not.  Basically, it’s focusing on the NOW.

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